Stone Miami White

Upgrade your outdoor space with an OUTDOOR porcelain exterior tile system!

Buildology is thrilled to now offer OUTDOOR by Florim USA. Made with durability in mind, these outdoor tiles are 2 cm thick and are easy to install and maintain. Rain or shine, OUTDOOR tiles are resistant to breakage, fading, and can withstand the corrosive effects of rain, de-icing salts, pool chemicals, and other chemicals.

The versatile OUTDOOR paving system can be applied to exterior floors, interior floors, walls, and countertops for a sleek look every time!

Crossville Tile and Stone

Available OUTDOOR tile colors:

  • Wood Tobacco
  • Wood Cherry
  • Stone Multicolor
  • Stone Moon White
  • Flagstone Red
  • Stone Miami White
  • Flagstone Gold
  • Stone Light Grey
  • Stone Dark Grey
  • Stone Manhattan Grey
  • Wood Honey

Available Mirage Outdoor Tile Options

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