Retaining Wall Blocks from Redi-Rock® International Wall Systems. Build superior wall systems and retaining walls with Redi-Rock®.

Retaining walls, golf course tee boxes, landscape walls, shoreline protection, force protection, perimeter security- you can do it all and more with Redi-Rock®’s innovative retaining wall block. These hardscape retaining walls combine the appearance of natural rock with massive interlocking blocks for beautiful walls that are easy to install and virtually immovable. Plus, you can achieve 24 feet of height without tie-backs or expensive geo-grid systems. Strong, innovative, easy-to-use materials – that’s why Redi-Rock® is one of the nation’s leading retaining wall block manufacturers.

With Redi-Rock® concrete retaining blocks you get:

  • Flexible design – create curves, lines and circular patterns for landscape retaining walls
  • Stability – massive blocks have almost six square feet of face and weigh 1,300 – 2,400 lbs.
  • Custom colors – we can match any color using a penetrating stain applied on site
  • Several shapes – four standard block shapes, plus custom shapes
  • Texture – choose from a variety of textures for “the essence of natural rock”
  • Fast, easy installation – an entire wall can be installed by two laborers using a piece of heavy equipment
  • Engineering design

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