Phoenix Pavers

Phoenix Pavers produce high quality products at a great price.

Types of Phoenix Pavers

  • Standard Pavers: Come in five sizes that fit together in limitless combinations. Our color blends or custom colors support your creative designs.
  • Veneer Pavers and Coping: Designed for patio and pool remodels.
  • Holland Pavers: Offer a more formal look to your paving project.
  • TownScape Pavers
  • Forza Stone Pavers: Create a strong impression with their more massive size.
  • Circle Set Pavers: Use preformed circle pavers to add flexible curved layout patterns to your projects, saving you on many custom cuts.
  • Antique Style Split Pavers: A rough split edge that creates a complimentary texture to project trims and detail work.
  • ADA Pavers: Available in all 3 blend mixes, as well as Red, Charcoal and optional custom colors.

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