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Glass block

Glass block is emerging as a popular component of building design for both interior and exterior use. Architects throughout the world are applying glass block to their masterpieces, often earning rewards for beauty, functionality, and energy efficiency. Glass block has a variety of sizes to choose from which can be integrated together to create incredible glass block walls, windows, partitions, and showers in residential and commercial applications.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you with all project details from pre-planning and design validation, to selecting all the correct materials. As a supplier of SEVES Glass Block products we are positioned to deliver our customers the best product, the best services and the best value. Our customers enjoy easy access to a complete line of the top-selling glass block patterns, a wide selection of related accessories, installation components, and customized services. With just one call, you can order everything you need to get the job done with a professional touch.

4" Premiere™ Series

Premiere 4" Glass Block is the most versatile glass block collection offered. These glass blocks are perfect in commercial or residential applications to allow natural light to shine through. With numerous patterns and sizes to choose from, these 4" glass blocks are the standard in the glass block industry. Most glass block offered in this series is rated with UL or NFPA 257 standards for a fire rating at a minimum of 45-minutes. In addition, these blocks offer additional resistance to fire, sound transmission, and impact.

Light Diffusing
Cross Ribbed

3" Thinline® Series

The Imperial Line of glass block includes four different glass blocks. Some of the most common hollow glass block include Nubio, Ice, Diamond, and Clarity. A Thinline glass block is perfect in residential applications where a slimmer block and window are desired. This series has a variety of patterns and sizes for you to select the perfect glass block to meet your light transmission and desired privacy goals. Clear Choice Panels and Windows are manufactured using 3” Thinline glass block.

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  Clear Choice Panels

Clear Choice Window

Glass Block Benefits & Applications

Beauty and Versatility: Extraordinarily versatile and available in many aesthetically pleasing sizes and styles, glass block offers virtually limitless design possibilities. Glass block walls, partitions and windows combine the delicate beauty and light transmission of glass with the strength of glass block.

Visibility/ Light Transmission: Glass block provides exceptional visibility in compliance with ADA guidelines for enclosed areas and has a dynamic relationship with light, both natural and artificial. As light changes, so does the appearance of the material and its surrounding environment. It is also scratchresistant and transmits up to 80% of available light in both directions without any yellowing, clouding or weathering.

Security: The SEVES High Performance Line of glass block products is comprised of products that offer the highest value, performance features and benefits related to improved safety, energy efficiency, aesthetics and decorative choices.

Energy Conservation: Glass block can provide more than two times the thermal resistance (R-Value) of single-glaze 1/8” thick plate glass. The differences between the shading coefficient of glass block and flat sheet glass are also significant. Contributing to this is the louvering effect of glass block’s horizontal mortar joints, which helps reduce light transmission from the higher summer sun. The size and orientation of the block can greatly affect the amount of shading that can occur.

Graffiti Resistant: Glass block resists damage and is easy to clean.

Noise Resistant: Three inches of solid glass makes VISTABRIK® a dense barrier to sounds from trains, traffic, crowds, sirens, and machinery with a 53 STC level. THICKSET® Series Block STC ranges between 48-50, and a Premiere Series Glass Block 35 to 40.

Sustainable Design: Glass block, made largely from sand and limestone, is 100 percent recyclable, inert and low maintenance. Additionally, glass block is highly durable, lasting 50 years or more. Its dynamic relationship with light gives architects the opportunity to create both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient spaces.

Design Features Options:

  • 100+ patterns and colors to choose from
  • Modular sizing options to fit any dimensional needs
  • Options for fire rating and hurricane, tornado, and security needs
  • STC Levels as high as 53
  • SHGC levels as low as .34
  • U-Values as low as .19
  • Visible light transmission as high as 92%
  • All existing engineering and testing available