Segmented Wall Materials

Looking for an easy way to add structure and style to your landscaping project?

Segmented retaining wall blocks are easy to use blocks to use for residential & commercial landscaping projects. Unlike CMU blocks you don’t need to use cement or mortar to build. The blocks interlock together making installation very easy. They are referred to as retaining wall blocks because they are easy to use for retaining walls and terraces, and easy to install.  When properly installed they will last for years.

Whether it’s a home garden or a commercial landscape, masonry retaining walls strike the perfect balance between beauty and durability. Crego Block offers a variety of easy to install retaining wall blocks that will complement any outdoor area. Stop by our showroom and our expert staff will assist you in choosing a product that will fits your needs.

What is the difference between using CMU and Segmented retaining wall material?

CMU block are regular blocks that require cement or mortar to install, where Segmental Retaining wall blocks can be hand stacked and retain soil. (Show pictures of interlocking blocks).

Examples: walls, landscape, residential & commercial.

Types of Segmented Blocks

We produce all the segmented blocks locally at our Albuquerque Plant. You can purchase directly in Albuquerque or in Santa Fe. What are the type of blocks that are available (ends, middle, caps, sizes?)

View our product brochures from our partner manufacturer Anchor building material.

Can you special order for residential & commercial projects?

We can produce special order/custom colors but there are some requirements. Please contact our office to talk to us about your project needs.

Locally owned & operated we ship across the state

You can pick up blocks at our Albuquerque or Santa Fe offices. We can also deliver blocks to homes and businesses. We have the ability to ship regionally and nationally as well.